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My name is Gabor Maroti, I am 30 yrs. old. I live in Budapest with my wife and daughter Alexandra. From early childhood DOGS have been a big part of my life. I always knew that I wanted to make my passion become my career. After finishing an Agricultural Technical High School I went to study at the Kaposvar University of Agriculture. My specialties are Multiplication Biology and Genetics.
I am still doing research studies. I have been going to dog show since I was 12, I actively participate and still get the feeling that I had when I first led up my dog. This is a wonderful feeling of working together, respecting and loving each other, a feeling of unconditional devotion and responsibility. Naturally, like everyone else, I also have favorite breeds. I started my breeding career with Airdale Terriers and I think I have been very successful, as many of my dogs have won prizes at European and World Championships. During the years at shows I felt a certain "warm" feeling when I saw the Big Japanese Dog or the New Foundlander in the ring. Life was
good to me and I managed to breed the Big Japanese Dog. I have maintained my interest in the New Foundlander, too, I have always paid attention to the development of the breed.
I had chances in the past to lead up and groom New Foundlanders but my real chance to get close to that breed came along last summer. Last June Bela Siklosi, owner of Skipper's Kennel asked me to work with him. I believe I am a really lucky person!
I am convinced that you can only work with dogs if you have unconditional and responsible love for them. I love living with dogs. When I started working with Bela, he let me move in a few dogs in my place.
That's how our life with Ronnie and Missy started and I think I'm very lucky that I was the first to work with young dogs such as Charlie, Carlos and Casey. I believe we have developed a great relationship and we have become real partners in the ring. We celebrate victories together, but in my opinion the real triumph is when the dog enjoys the show and feels good in the ring.
I am grateful to this wonderful breed that I can be part of their
lives and I know that they will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you,